Off Piste Performance Courses

Alongside offering private lessons, Off Piste Performance offer various courses throughout the winter.  

Ski Performance for Mountaineers - £225

This course has been running since 2007 and aims to bring together like-minded people to develop their off-piste performance.  The 4 half-day sessions gives you plenty of practice time to digest the skills you have been taught after the lesson.  This has been popular with guides, aspirant guides, mountaineers and non-mountaineers that wish to be part of this like-minded group.

We run one of these courses specifically for member's of the Eagle Ski Club, which also has the additional add on of spending a day with an IFMGA Mountain Guide.

"Just dropping you a line to say how much we enjoyed the Mountaineer's Performance Course last month. Alison was amazing and has shown us the Force! The only regret we have is not discovering the course sooner.  We thought we could ski - now we feel we have the skills to learn how to ski better! A fabulous week, we'll be back next year for more! So much to learn...." Andy and Sue Hodges, Dec 2011

Chamonix Off Piste & Ski Mountain Skills - £650

Chamonix Off Piste & Ski Mountain Skills is run in conjunction with Rob Jarvis (IFMGA Mountain Guide) of High Mountain Guides to ensure you develop all the essential skills for being independent in the off-piste environment.  Over the 5 days you will not only improve your skiing skills but also be taught mountain skills to give you confidence and competance on the mountain.

"Great week with the both of you bursting with the confidence to drag us in and out of stuff that's just scary enough for us to feel like real 'mountain men' without really having to come close to it ourselves...That's a very good recipe. Can I have some more?" Robert Wine, March 2013

Chamonix Off Piste & Ski Mountain Skills, Progression Course - £750

This course has been designed specifically to be a progression from "Chamonix Off-Piste and Ski Mountain Skills", aimed at those that have skied with us previously and are aiming to take their ski mountaineering to the next level.  Again this course aims to improve both your technical off-piste skiing and mountain safety awareness, but in more demanding terrain.

Chamonix Off Piste & Ski Mountain Skills, Advanced Course - £850

This is the third and most advanced course in our trilogy of Chamonix Off Piste & Ski Mountain courses and presents the opportunity to receive very high quality coaching on steep terrain as well as improving technical ski mountaineering skills.

Ski Performance Scotland - £170 

For a second season, "Ski Performance for Mountaineers" courses are being offered in Scotland as well as Chamonix.  These courses will be run by Alison's sister, Gillian, who shares the same passion for skiing and the mountains.  The course has exactly the same ethos and focus of those run in Chamonix; to bring together like-minded people to develop their off-piste skiing.

All About The Down - £700

All About The Down weeks have a simple aims. This is a ski guiding week, where we choose the best possible venues in the prevailing conditions. We will balance ability levels with the search for good snow. In short, maximum flexibility for maximum off piste descent. 

Introduction to Ski Touring - £200

This 2 day course is designed for those that have done no, or minimal, ski touring.  It may be that you have done quite a bit of touring as part of a guided group, and are looking to develop your skills to tour as part of an unguided group. Led by IFMGA Mountain Guide James Thacker, the course aims to cover; effective use of equipment, avalanche training, safe travel, navigation and glacier skills.​

Chamonix Guided Ski Days - £130

These guided ski days bring together like minded skiers within the Chamonix Valley for fun off piste skiing and great ski journeys away from the pistes & lifts.  These are run on a Wednesday, by High Mountain Guides, to coincide with Ski Performance for Mountaineers.

Chris Walker Grant - Free!

Each year Off Piste Performance in conjunction with BASS Chamonix offer a free place on their Ski Performance Course for Mountaineers in memory of Chris Walker.