Skiing through the Pandemic

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The 2020/21 ski season will be undeniably different. Find more information here on skiing through the pandemic, how we plan to mitigate against Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and the status of our courses and trips.

Off Piste Performance has been a bit quiet recently, but much has been going on behind the scenes to make plans for the season ahead. We are in uncertain times, and much like dropping into a steep descent in a little travelled mountain range, we have done our homework. Our intention is take this season turn by turn, keeping the momentum down and working with a healthy margin to better deal with the unexpected. We believe that we should stick to our philosophy and crucially our mission of providing the best off-piste instruction, coaching and guiding with a culture of safety.

Safety also extends to fulfilling the practical and moral obligations of delivering Covid-19 secure activities, alongside the more usual concerns of enjoying the mountains.


Trip Status

We are committed to running our planned trips wherever possible, but accept that there will be much that is outside our control. Where trips abroad are able to take place we wish to make sure that they happen, as we have always done so. As far as staffing is concerned, we may adjust things so that guides and instructors already "in country" are used, to avoid any disruptions due to travel restrictions or quarantine. Where quarantine requirements are in place we will monitor the situation carefully. Please do keep an eye on this page which will be updated through the season here at Latest Covid Updates.


Good to Go

Off Piste Performance Ltd, has aligned to the 'Good to Go' standard which is operating nationally to reassure our guests. The risk assessments and measures that we have put in place comform to these standards. If you would like more information of these then please don't hesitate to contact us


Private Guiding and Instruction

You will notice that our programme of open courses and trips has been streamlined considerably due to the logistical concerns of operating during a global pandemic. e.g. constraints on travel, accommodation and lift infrastructure. Despite these challenges we are still here and able to offer the best off-piste instruction, coaching and guiding. At the moment, private guiding and instruction is the best way to offer the greatest margins for success with small ratios, the opportunity to choose your own accommodation, and explore less frequented areas. You can find details here at private guiding and instruction or please feel free to contact us.


Explore closer to home

With continued disruption to travel, many people have chosen to stay in the UK this summer. We are currently anticipating that some of you will also want to stay close to home or avoid air travel at the very least. This does give us the opportunity to explore close to home in the Scottish Highlands. We cannot guarantee perfect snow, but offer striking landscapes as standard and wilderness ski experiences far from the crowded lifts.

We will continue to offer the best instructors and guides who will find the good snow if it is there to be found. Roy Henderson will be joining us this year with availability for private guiding and instruction.


Covid-19 Measures

Immediately prior to any course or trip you should be free from the symptoms of Covid-19, and not be in a position where you need to self isolate for any reason. Coronavirus Advice – NHS Inform.

  • Prior to attending we will ask you in complete a Covid-19 screening form and declaration.
  • Please bring your own equipment wherever possible. Particularly, drinks, lunch and snacks (unless provided), safety equipment and small first aid kit etc.
  • Please bring hand gel and a face covering.
  • Be prepared to travel separately and meet outdoors in an attempt to reduce car sharing in the UK. Where transport is provided on trips abroad, please be prepared to wear masks
  • Be prepared to maintain social distancing measures e.g. 2 metres spacing wherever possible.
  • Please contact us if you develop the symptoms of Covid-19 following your trip with us.
  • Ensure that we have an updated Booking Form and Medical Information Form prior to your trip.


Latest Covid-19 Updates / Trip Status

Find the latest Covid-19 updates here.

Following Macron's statement the suggestion is that French ski stations will not open until mid January. A further announcement is expected this week confirming the expected opening dates. As a result of this we have taken the step of cancelling all December and January Ski Performance for Mountaineers courses. Clients affected have been contacted via BASS Chamonix.
Nevis Range near Fort William has stated that the ski area will be closed for December and January due to the impact of Covid-19. While we hope it may reopen from February onwards, this remains speculation at the moment. Facebook Link

1 November 2020 Four Week Lockdown in England

England is likely to enter a four week lockdown from Thursday the 5th of November. At this stage we are waiting to confirm any implications for domestic courses due to the Scottish Governments approach.


31 October 2020 CIC Hut Ben Nevis to remain closed

The Scottish Mountaineering Club (SMC) Hut on Ben Nevis is currently closed, and is likely to remain so unless there are significant changes to the Scottish Government advice and legislation. This currently has implications for the Ben Nevis Ski Weekend and we will monitor the situation for this weekend trip.


30 October 2020 Lockdown measures in France

On the 30 October 2020 lockdown measures were established in France for the initial period of four weeks. As such we have chosen to cancel private guiding and instruction in France until the end of January 2021. Clients affected have been contacted, and we are happy to recommend alternative providers who may be operating in country.

Our popular Ski Performance for Mountaineers courses are still scheduled to run, delivered by Shona and Derek Tate.


25 October 2020 Kvaløya, Kvaløya + Changes

We have already experienced a significant change to our plans having received the unfortunate news that our accommodation at Ersfjordbotn on Kvaløya will not be available this year. This follows their decision to cease trading due to the impact of Covid-19. We are sad not to be able to return there, as had very fond memories of staying with them.

In an attempt to continue with Kvaløya and Kvaløya + we have been forced to pivot our plans to make use of hotel accommodation in Tromsø. This offers us all the best flexibility with room allocation, flexibility on cancellation and mitigation against Covid-19.

This does mean that our trips will be different to originally advertised, and those on those trips have already been contacted. The Kvaløya and Kvaløya + pages have been updated to reflect these changes.