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Our new Arctic Duo trips allow you to book our Arctic Norway trips together, maximising the skiing time between travel to and from the Arctic Circle. We know that many of our existing guests love to ski in Norway, and for some a once in a lifetime trip has become an annual habit.

We know that the reasons are varied for considering two weeks of skiing in Arctic Norway. Maybe you want to increase the ratio of ski days to your airfares or explore different areas? For the 2023 season in Norway we are offering the opportunity to link together our existing weeks in two discrete packages. Most importantly by doing so we are able to offer a 10% discount on the total fee.

Arctic Duo - Islands

Link a visit to the Lofoten Islands with an exploratory trip to the island of Arnøya.

The Lofoten Islands (Magic Isles) are one of the most famous ski destinations in the Arctic Circle, and should be on any discerning skiers tick list. But why not add the contrasting experience of a visit to Arnøya. This remote and exploratory destination has emerged as a well known, but scarcely visited island offering a wilderness skiing experience from the comfort of a lodge.

Travel between the Lofoten Islands and Arnøya isn't included, but there are options to fly or cruise up the coast with the Hurtigruten. For maximum flexibility when linking trips we ask you to make your own travel arrangements, allowing you to build an experience that suits you. See here for travel suggestions.

Arctic Duo - Troms County

Link an exploratory trip to the island of Arnøya with some classic ski touring of Tromsø Toppturer.

In recent years Arnøya has emerged as a remote and exploratory destination and should be on any Norwegian ski touring devotees wish list. This can be easily linked with Troms Toppturer to maximise skiing on the numerous summits around the Arctic capital of Tromsø. Skiing from the summits to the sea, both Tromsø and Arnøya are unmatched when it comes to accessible coastal mountains.


Note: These weeks run to the normal programme outlined on the respective trip pages. As such they join in Svolvær in the Lofoten Islands and Tromsø for Arnøya and Tromsø Toppturer. 

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See Arctic Duo

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