Norway Performance Levels


You will notice that we have added performance levels for our Norway trips, with the intention of ensuring groups are as well matched as possible. We recognise that not everyone fits neatly into these three categories and you may switch between level not only year by year, week by week but also day by day. These levels are based less on experience and more on aims, aspirations and stamina, as we recognise that people can have extensive experience but like to go at a leisurely pace, and others may have less experienced but want to be challenged. The descriptions for each level are as follows:


Level 1 

“I like to have days out at a leisurely pace and take time to enjoy the surroundings. I would like to average around 600 metres of ascent per day, over the 6 days of ski touring. I can manage some longer days, around 700 – 800 metres, but equally I may like to take a day off during the week. My speed tends to average around 200 metres per hour and I like a brief stop every hour or so. My stamina is such that I can sustain 200 metres per hour for 2 to 3 hours. I like to avoid skinning up steep or icy slopes. When conditions are favourable, fresh powder or lovely spring snow, I can link turns with ease on slopes around 25 degrees (the gradient of most red runs). When I am faced with challenging ski conditions or tight trees, I will manoeuvre my way down the slope sometimes using a side slip or snowplough. While I am happy to embrace a challenge occasionally, I always like to this to be optional”.

Level 2 

“I like to undertake classic ski tours whether it be to reach a summit or col. I aim to average around 800 – 1000 metres of ascent per day, over the 6 days of ski touring. I can manage some days that are over 1000 metres, but would then balance this out with a slightly easier day.  My stamina is such that I can ascend at a rate of around 300 metres per hour for 3 to 4 hours, with short breaks to refuel. I am comfortable ascending steeper slopes and have an effective way to get around corners, but equally recognise there is room for improvement. I am effective skiing off-piste on slopes up to 30 degrees in all conditions, although crust and tight trees can be challenging. I occasionally ski steeper slopes when conditions are favourable. In both ascent and descent there are times when I could be more efficient and I embrace coaching in this. I like to be stretched occasionally.” 


Level 3 

“I like to do a “little bit more” and be challenged. I aim to average around 1000 metres of ascent per day, over a week of ski touring, happily doing some days that are more than this. I have a good level of stamina and can sustain 4 hours of uphill with short breaks to refuel. I generally move at a pace of around 350 metres per hour but I am happy to go faster for a bonus lap. I sustain this when environmental conditions become challenging, for example if it’s cold, hot or windy. I’m comfortable ascending steep and icy slopes, and have lots of experience doing so. My kick turns are effective, and mostly fluid. I am a good off-piste skier and I am confident descending slopes up to 35 degrees in all conditions. I enjoy the challenge of skiing crust and embrace any encounter with tight trees.  I love to ski the odd couloir, or steeper slope, should conditions allow.”