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"Alison is an exceptional ski teacher.  Why do I say that?  Because Alison gets into the core of each skier she is teaching - I react to tactical and mental approaches but some of my friends react to highly technical teaching.  Alison makes you "bank" what you can do: as it is the foundation for what comes next.  Alison is amazing with mixed ability groups.  When teaching 6 of us  (3 children aged 9, 13 and 16 (who had not skied for 3 years), 2 expert adults and a ski tourer) each skier would be concentrating on something different - all on the same piece of snow.  I have had lessons from Alison for 5 years - never again say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks: the mountain guides I ski with have been truly amazed at the way Alison has raised the level of my skiing." Fiona J Morrison

"Just had an excellent two days' tuition from Alison in a mix of conditions right down to absolute zero vis. So when better to be told to slacken off your boots and ski by feel? And it works. This is my second set of lessons with Alison; she's very good (actually far better than that), and our thirty-year experienced mountain guide was also raving about his lessons with her." Robert Wine, March 2015

"Thanks for a great week of tuition. You came highly recommended and I was not disappointed! The VB was a great end to the week and seemed easy after your guidance this week." Pete Brown, March 2015

"Thank you so much for two marvellous days skiing. I personally feel that I moved forward and I think that is because you are an excellent instructor." Caroline Whysall, Feb 2015

"Thank you so much for a really wonderful day. We all learnt so much and had so much fun in the powder. " Marina Martin Curran, Feb 2015

" A big thank you to you for your mogul tuition. I raced the first world cup of the year today ... 1500m of steep moguls! I was the only athlete shouting MORE C!  But ... you gave me the confidence to go for it.  Thanks again." Janine Frost, Great Britain Ski Mountaineering Team, Jan 2015

"Just a quick note from both of us to say thank you for a brilliant three days. We have both learnt so much in terms of improving our technique and we have had great fun in the process." Jon and Liz Hettle, Jan 2015

"Another fabulous week with an excellent group ... Thank you Alison for being such an amazing teacher." Hernan Morillo, Ski Performance for Mountaineers, Jan 2015

"I had a wonderful week with a great set of people.... And to Alison.........well, what can I say?  Maybe best summed up by hoping you are not too modest to realise what an amazing gift you have.  Hernan and I spoke at length over Dinner on Thursday night about your strengths and there are many.  In short, you have it all; great technical skills, brilliantly succinct communication, an eye for helpful detail and a positive approach to improving our skiing." Mike Brough, Ski Performance for Mountaineers, Jan 2015

"Sarah & I would like to thank you very much for the fantastic lesson we had today. You have given us lots to work on and we will try our best to practise hard this week & next. Your lesson was very clear & focussed and you have increased our confidence on the slopes once more." Stephanie Ritchie, Dec 2014

"Alison, The last 2 days have been fabulous. I feel I've had the best start to the season I've ever had: a combination of working on my pre-ski fitness, progress with my skiing, but much more importantly your amazing ability to tailor feedback to the skier has really helped me progress more in the last 2 days than I could have imagined." Peter Devlin, Ski Performance for Mountaineers Dec 2014

"The Ski Performance course with Alison's exceptional instruction has been a huge boost to my confidence off-piste after I suffered a knee injury a few years ago. Despite there being no snow in Chamonix the course ran in Verbier for two full days of tuition. The instruction was fantastic and Alison's teaching was always targeted with individual feedback for all members of the group. I could see a clear improvement in my off-piste skiing and look forward to using these skills in the rest of the season. We could not have asked for more. Thank you." Rachel, Ski Performance for Mountaineers Dec 2014.

"For someone who really analyses what you are doing, suggests all sorts of techniques to correct your errors and proposes new and useful ways of doing things: Alison is to a very large extent the instructor you always wanted but could never find"  Simon, private client 2014

"Thank you so much for a great morning of painless learning!  I really appreciated your instruction style as well as your enthusiasm and cheerful approach.  I was impressed by how quickly and easily you identified what I need to work on.  Your explanations and examples were precise and clear.  The demonstrations were even better and made it all look easy.   I went away with much practical information and felt that I learnt plenty.  I hadn't had a private ski lesson in well over 20 years but I now look forward to repeating the experience next year and learning more."  Lise Tonelli, private client Mar 2014

"The difference in my confidence on a mixture of snow types between the start and end of the week was astounding, and absolutely what I wanted to achieve. The coaching from you was by far the best I have ever experienced - the focus on a few specific drills and techniques rather than endless minor changes was highly effective for me. I'll definitely be back and plan to bring my daughter out for some beginner lessons!"  Calum Carruthers, Chamonix Off Piste and Ski Mountain Skills 2014

"As a family of 4 learning to ski for the first time, having Alison as our instructor was amazing. She was able to work with the kids (ages 3 & 5) and the grown ups. She has a brilliant way with the kids who absolutely adored her. Very patient with all of us. Managed to get the grown ups skiing too! Cannot recommend her highly enough - she made it loads of fun and we all progressed really well. Thank you thank you! We will be back!"  Nurette Stanford, Feb 2014

"Great week with the both of you bursting with the confidence to drag us in and out of stuff that's just scary enough for us to feel like real 'mountain men' without really having to come close to it ourselves... That's a very good recipe. Can I have some more?"  Robert Wine, Chamonix Off Piste and Ski Mountain Skills 2013

"We’d just like to say a huge thank you for a great few days of teaching.  We both really felt you managed to really move on our skiing in a positive and easy-to-understand kind of way.  You do have an amazing skill in pinpointing the crux of the issues."  Jane and Lewis Grundy, Dec 2013

"I had a fantastic time and the instruction you gave has transformed my skiing. Everyone on the course agreed that the way you were able to tell each of us individually the one thing that we needed to concentrate on meant that the new skills that we were taking on were much easier to apply. I am really looking forward to the rest of the season to put everything into practice. I already feel a lot more confident as well as feeling that I am skiing much more efficiently. There is so much to learn and perfect that I can see myself returning at the start of future seasons to improve further." Becky Coles, Chris Walker Place 2012/13

"Thanks even more for you enthusiastic and very effective instruction. I know any instruction is going to have to build on what’s gone before but the week with you was simply the best all round ski instruction I’ve experienced and I’ve probably bored the non-skiers around me senseless with my talk about it." Jonathan Woodhouse, Eagle Ski Club 2013

"Thanks again for the 'revolution' course, and all the great advice.  We both really loved it, and got so much out of it. We really discovered a new world - we came to brush up some skills and left having learnt how to ski! We had great fun and are looking forward to put what we learned into practice.Seb and Anja, Feb 2012

"Thanks for a great days instruction and coaching at Les Grand Montets. Even though the conditions were sub optimal you pitched the day perfectly, picking up what we needed to improve on and pushing us to become better skiers. Both Laura and I learnt more with you that day than we have with any other ski instructor and we will definitely be back for some more input." Sandy Paterson MIC, private client 2011

"I just wanted to email you and say how wonderful Alison was. She was patient and understanding and an excellent instructor. I wasn't too confident myself but she never made me feel silly or incompetent, she just encouraged and helped. My husband was a better and more confident skier and she gave him the most professional instruction and he came away having had a super time." Ann Walton

"Ski Performance for Mountaineers was the perfect course for me. With distant aims to become a guide I am aware that skiing is often the discipline that British Mountain Guides need most work on. The course with Alison was absolutely excellent from the first run she began drip feeding us small nuggets of gold from her extensive experience as a ski instructor.  Even by the end of the first day I felt I had learnt so much, but with out being overloaded. With the mornings to ourselves I managed to get some practice in and try and piece together the advice we had been given the day before. Towards the end of the week everyone in the group had come on so much, confidence in everyone was sky high and 'that' short steep slope was no longer a threat. The course has given me the confidence to venture deeper into the world of off piste and enjoy the opportunities for exploration and fresh lines. I am by no means finished and feel my skiing could do with further instruction, so just to warn you - I expect I will be back for more!"  Jon Gupta Dec 2011, Expedition Leader

My course, run by Alison, was one of the very best skiing experiences I have ever had. My skiing improved 10 fold and I had a lot of fun in the process.. I have been skiing since I was 12 years old and have attempted to teach my children over the last three years. What I learned from Alison has given me enormous confidence in my abilities and different ways to explain how to ski. I work in the training industry and was particularly impressed with Alison’s coaching style and how she was able to manage a group of skiers' differing abilities and needs. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wanting to gain the confidence to get out of their comfort zone and push themeslves up to the next level. Lou Burner, Ski Performance for Mountaineers 2010