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The town of Narvik lies between Ofotfjord and the Swedish border featuring some of the highest summits of northern Norway. Narvik has a strong ski touring community and is home to one of Norway's most famous ski resorts, which is a stones throw from the town itself.

This famous area was recommended to us by Andreas Fransson due to the variety of terrain available, featuring lofty summits, couloirs in spectacular surroundings and access to the Swedish resorts of Rikgränsen and Abisko.


Our Narvik ski guiding week is based in the coastal town where the mountains plunge into Ofotfjord. There are around ten summits close to the town which are all over 1000m and have a lot to offer experienced ski tourers.

Being based in the industrial town of Narvik is a departure from our other trips, creating a city break with a difference. There are not many Scandinavian towns where you could walk to a ski lift from the town centre, and the lift on Narvikfjellet allows a descent of 900 metres from the summit station. For this reason we have chosen to offer the option of two additional days of ski coaching using Narvikfjellet at the start of the trip. 

The sheer volume and variety of the skiing around Narvik makes for an ideal location for experienced skiers and tourers. With a coastal location and high mountain plateaus stretching into Sweden to the east, there are a mix of maritime and inland climates with intense precipitation and cold drier conditions respectively. With the ability to travel along the shore of Ofotfjord to Ballangen, Efjorden-Tysfjorden via the E6, and Riksgränsen via the E10, there should always be the potential to access good skiing.

This trip will be based at the Narvik Hotel Wivel with catering by Bastian at the Furu Gastropub below the hotel.

Ski Touring around Narvik

From the hotel in the centre of Narvik we can access all the facilities of this major town, and Narvik War Museum is situated just across the road. A short distance away is the Narvikfjellet ski area which offers a bigger drop than any other ski area in Scandinavia. The summit of Tredjetoppen 1272m can be accessed by a short ascent of 250 metres from the top lift. From there Mørkholla, arguably Narvik's best known off piste run, offers a descent of 1150m.

Narvikfjellet is also the starting point for some longer traverses including 'The Partisan Route' (Partisanruten) taken in part by Norwegian partisans retreating from their German occupiers in WWII.

Further to the west is the Efjorden-Tysfjorden area where these deep fjords slice through the impressive rocky summits. Alongside the dramatic scenery there is some excellent ski touring in this area including Kobbenestinden 1004m and Titinden 795m which afford excellent views of Stetinden, Norway's unofficial "official" mountain. In the winter Stetinden (or Stetind) can only be reached with some tricky climbing. Hall's false summit (Halls Fortopp) just below can be reached in the winter by experienced skiers who are prepared to make the 1300 metre ascent.

Some, but not all of the days in Narvik are of greater vertical distance than our other trips in Norway, giving access to some high summits. You should be prepared for some days of up to around 1200-1300 metres of ascent.

You can download a sample programme here.

Narvik + Ski Coaching

Narvik is available with two bookable options; either as a stand alone ski guiding week, or with an additional two days ski coaching on Narvikfjellet to make the most of this vast area. Ski coaching also gives the opportunity to get a warm up ahead of a week of ski touring, while allowing the lifts to take the strain. 

The Narvik Team

In order to provide a unique experience and make the best of you time in Narvik we have created a small team. Narvik will be led by IFMGA Mountain Guide's James Thacker and Andy Nelson. The two additional days of ski coaching will be delivered by Alison Thacker (BASI ISTD Ski Instructor) and Andy Nelson (IFMGA Mountain Guide and BASI ISIA Ski Instructor).

Having a mixed dual discipline team brings the ability to cater both ski coaching or guiding aspirations. Of course a big part of the experience in Narvik is allowing time to enjoy the town and the hospitality of Lynn at Narvik Hotel Wivel and Bastian's catering at his restaurant Furu Gastropub.


£2000 per person for 5 days Narvik.

£2400 per person for 7 days Narvik + Ski Coaching.


5 or 7 days

Group Size

There are a maximum of 10 places available on this trip. This trip is guaranteed to run with a minimum of 1.

What’s included in Narvik?

  • 5 x days guiding with IFMGA Mountain Guides.
  • 6 x nights of accommodation (on suite double or twin rooms) at Narvik Hotel Wivel and food on full board basis (inc. packed lunch).
  • All transport during the trip.
  • Use of avalanche transceiver, harness, axe and crampons on request.

What's included in Narvik + Ski Coaching?

  • 2 x days ski coaching BASI ISIA ski instructors
  • 5 x days guiding with IFMGA Mountain Guides
  • 8 x nights of accommodation (en suite double or twin rooms) at Narvik Hotel Wivel and food on full board basis (inc. packed lunch).
  • All transport during the trip.
  • Use of avalanche transceiver, harness, axe and crampons on request.

What’s not included?

  • Travel to and from Narvik, please contact us for additional information.
  • Alcohol (This is expensive in Norway and is best purchased at duty free).
  • Ski touring equipment. Due to this being a specialist trip joining in Narvik we won’t have extra equipment available. If you have any equipment requirements then please contact us. Please read the kit list here.
  • Lift Passes, ticket options can be found at Narvikfjellet Lift Tickets.
  • Insurance for cancellation, rescue, repatriation and medical expenses.

Accommodation Options

Please enquire for single room options.

Ski Level

A trip to Narvik would suit experienced ski tourers. The ability to ski off piste, coping well in most snow conditions, is essential for this area, with ascents of 1200m-1300 on some days with a similarly large descents. Some variations might require steeper skinning and descents of 40 degrees. We ask that you are comfortable skinning uphill at a rate of 400m per hour. Days are likely to be of at least six hours duration. You should also be able to do kick turns, and have experience of using an ice axe and crampons. Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss any aspect of your ski ability or for advice on your preparation.

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See narvik dates

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