Where can I stay in Chamonix?

For our Ski Performance for Mountaineers courses, we will most likely be skiing at Les Grands Montets, which is walking distance from the village of Argentière. However, if conditions are good for off-piste skiing at the other areas, we may well use these too. If the weather is particularly stormy, Les Houches can be the best options. From Argentiere, you will need to take 2 buses to get down to Les Houches, which works, but it can be frustrating in the unlikely event that we ended up at Les Houches everyday. Therefore we recommend staying centrally in Chamonix so that all ski areas are accessible by taking only 1 bus.

Ski Breezy is ideal for single people on courses or a groups of friends.  It is a good way to meet other people. It has a very relaxed atmosphere with emphasis on lots of excellent home cooking and flowing wine. Breezy and Al will ensure that you are well looked after, making this our preferred accommodation option for all of our courses.

For hotel accommodation in Chamonix Hotel Chaumiere is a great option.  It has its own parking and it's possible to walk to the centre of town. Hotel Le Dahu is a good option for staying in Argentière, as is Hotel Les Lanchers in Les Praz. 

Hotel Faucigny is a hidden gem in the heart of Chamonix, offering a unique atmosphere of attentiveness and attention to detail.

Chamonix Ski Lodge aims to provide you with a relaxed, modern posh hostel whilst offering great value accommodation.