Buying new boots this season

25th Nov 2011

If you are considering getting new boots this season here are a few points to keep in mind.

  1. Most shops require you to have an appointment to get new boots and they will probably spend at least an hour with you.  Gone are the days of just walking in and picking a pair of the shelf. 
  2. It’s best to go to a shop and get proper advice on what fits best, rather than to buy online.  You might get a cheaper price online but its false economy if they don’t fit.
  3. If you buy from a shop most places allow you to keep taking them back to make adjustments until they fit just right – you’ll not get this service if you buy online.
  4. Be clear on what level of skier you are and what you want the boot for – skiing for one week a year, skiing every day, teaching in, touring in etc.
  5. Go into the shop without any preconceptions of which boots you might like.  The best boot for you will be the one that fits your foot best so there is no point picking a boot on its write up or colours.  What is a great boot for one person might not fit another.  It’s best not to even look at what they have on the shelf – let them tell you what you need.
  6. Go to a special boot fitter that comes recommended to you.  In Chamonix I go to The Boot Room, in Sanglard Sports  People travel from all across the alps to get their boots fitted there.

Remember to keep your old boots until you have skied on your new ones a few times and are convinced that you are happy with the change.

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