BASI Level 4 EMS Training

29th Mar 2014

Last week I was working for BASI delivering the Level 4 EMS Training course.  It was an excellent week for learning about snow conditions because there has been 50cm of snow at 2500m over the weekend and high winds.  Throughout the week we observed the conditions stabilizing.

On Monday we were at Le Tour and conditions were ideal for practicing navigating in poor visibility, as we could see no more than 50m.  Finding the refuge at Col de Balme proved challenging!

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent touring on the Croise Baulet and at Les Contamines.  In both cases we found some lovely untracked powder down to around 1800m and after that it was becoming heavy.

On Thursday we returned to Le Tour and found some good snow in the back bowls and in the top of the Vormaine Couloirs (lower down it wasn't so light and fluffy!).  There are a few photos from the week here.

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