Ski Coaching in Zermatt

10th Dec 2014

Skiing in Zermatt

Reports of the early season ski conditions across the Alps are generally poor, but great snow can be found as long as you head high. Zermatt and Cervinia are experiencing very good conditions above 2000m.  

I spent the last few days working with Ken, Ron, Drew and Di in Zermatt. The off-piste was far better than what we experienced there this time last year.  The pistes in Cervinia were well groomed with no rocks in sight.  The off-piste had become effected by the strong winds, but over on the Zermatt side the off-piste was still very good.  The hot chocolate, coffee and pasta was a good as always on the Italian side!

Everybody came on remarkably over the 3 days, mainly due to their dedication to improve.  Often when I glanced over my shoulder they would be practicing their drills, even if I hadn't asked them too ...

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