Scottish Skiing: Infernal and Fickle...

10th Jan 2019

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Well there, we have said it. Not only can Scottish ski conditions be infernal they can also be fickle at the same time! That is certainly the case at the moment with reasonably cold temperatures at times, but with a distinct lack of snow.

Despite a promising start to the season before Christmas, Scottish skiing has very much suffered a hiatus. While we all wait for the much speculated Sudden Stratospheric Warming and ensuing cold spell, the reality is that the current situation isn't uncommon. Scottish skiing and climbing before Christmas and the traditional January storms, is really a bonus, and it's not often until mid January that good conditions start to emerge.

At Off Piste Performance we have a variety of courses based in Scotland during the winter months, including our popular Ski Performance Scotland, Off Piste Scotland and Ben Nevis Ski Weekend programmes. We are bias of course, but in our desire to share those great Scottish ski days with you and act in both our instructors/guides and clients interests. Because when Scotland is good, it's REALLY good, and we want you to enjoy it.

For many people the obvious choice is to leave booking Scottish ski courses and trips until the last minute, in an attempt to select those all too elusive conditions. Skiing in the Scottish mountains ourselves we will always try to accommodate last minute bookings. But remember if you prefer to make plans ahead of time we know that the snow conditions can be unpredictable. In the event of there being no snow then a full refund will be given or where possible we will reschedule to another course.

Although there is snow on the horizon it looks like we are going to have to wait for the goods a while longer. While you are waiting you could check out our video from Ben Nevis last year:


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