14th Dec 2011

Today was the final day of the Fit2Ski course run in conjunction with Chamonix Gym.  Chamonix residents and seasonaires have been going to the Chamonix Gym on a Sunday morning for the last 4 weeks for a programme of ski specific training.  The sessions have been a blend of all of the key fitness aspects needed for skiing - great preparation for the season ahead.

The fitness sessions have been followed up by 2 full days of ski instruction to put the new found fitness into practice on skis, and gain confidence to set everyone up for the season.

With a stormy forecast we weren't sure what conditions we were going to get for the final day, but we were blessed with run after run of powder at Les Grands Montets.  I think many people were put off by the rainy weather in the valley so it was quiet up there too.

Today was all about learning to ski the powder with confidence, and developing a few tactics for dealing with steeper terrain.  Those goals were achieved and I wish all of the Fit2Ski participants all the best for the ski season. 

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