What do I do on my day off?

10th Feb 2013

This is one of the questions I get asked the most; what do I do on my days off?  Days off in the winter can be a rare occurrence so it’s always difficult to get the balance between having a rest and making the most of the snow conditions.  Today I got the balance just right...

The day started with a lie in and meeting Kate and Jane at a very relaxed 9.30 am.  We drove to Solaison, where none of us had been before, above Mont-Saxonnex.  At the end of the road there is  lovely a cafe for coffee (and not at Chamonix prices) before starting skiing.  We then headed up to Pointe d’Andey.  This fine summit is reached in just under an hour and gives fantastic views across the Aravis and to Lake Geneva.  It was mostly people on snow shoes that had been up before us so we had most of the mountain to choose from for fresh tracks on the descent.  The snow was superb.  So good we then headed up the small slope next door, Les Grangettes to get another descent.  Again, fresh deep snow and huge pillows of snow amongst the trees.

Then back to the cafe for a traditional Savoyard lunch and another coffee...

Thanks to Kate and Jane for being able to share a rare day off.  Photos from the day can be viewed here.

Essential ingredients for a great day off; a lie in, friends, coffee, a new place, skinning, fresh tracks, another coffee.

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