Ski Fit App

19th Sep 2014

Ski Fit App

After attending Neil's Ski Fit classes last year, I have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the APP. I found the classes to be most beneficial, forcing you to do all the exercises that you know you should be doing pre ski season. He also showed me many more exercises, which I had never thought of, that really mimic the movements that you make on skis. Just when I was getting the hang of it and felt I was getting stronger, the class would move on, introducing more challenging versions of the exercises. The progression over the 8 weeks was just right, and excellent preparation for the season ahead.

Not only does being physically prepared reduce the risk of injury, it also makes it much easier to make technical changes to your skiing.  

This APP has meant that now Neil's classes are available to everyone, not just those living in Chamonix. It is a fantastic reproduction of the class, with the same progressive structure. The demonstrations are excellent, making it easy to follow. I had wondered how to would reproduce the exercises we do at the class that need equipment, but he has does them with objects that you will find at home. He even offers the same encouragement that he does in the class! 

You can download the BeFitApp here and start preparing for winter...

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