Ski Performance for Mountaineers

17th Dec 2014

Ski Performance for Mountaineers

This photo is the evidence that it was actually snowing in Verbier yesterday, much to everyones delight.  It wasn't a lot of snow, but it was enough to give the resort a wintery feeling and make the pistes quite enjoyable to ski on.  

Due to there being no lifts open in Chamonix we made a decision to relocate the December "Ski Performance for Mountaineers" course to Verbier.  We ran it has 2 full days as opposed to the normal 4 x half days of instruction.

Despite the early season condition being poor, we managed to spend time consolidating effective technique for skiing off-piste whilst being on piste.  We had the opportunity to put it all into practice in the bumps and had the bonus of finding a short steeper section off-piste with no other people or rocks.

Well done to everyone for the improvements that they made, and for the commitment they showed.

Whilst conditions are limited my recommendation is to go skiing as soon as the lifts open and make the most of the pistes whilst they are quiet and in good condition.  Go for an early lunch so you can enjoy a few more quiet runs whilst everyone else is eating.

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