Les Grands Montets to Lyngen

28th Apr 2013

Yesterday was my last days work for this season.  The forecast said we'd have moderate rain in the morning and heavy rain in the afternoon.  When I arrived in the car park at 9am and the rain was bouncing off the the road I wondered what "heavy rain" would be like!  However, it wasn't as bad as feared once we were up the hill.  In fact it was it was quite a pleasant day having the pistes to ourselves.  The snow was good and there is still plenty of it for this time of year. 

Tomorrow I'm heading away on holiday to Lyngen, Norway.  We had such a great time there in 2011 that I am very excited about going back. 

And who knows?  With the amount of snow here hopefully there will be more skiing on my return to Chamonix, or perhaps the gullies will still be in condition in Scotland ...

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