Did the world end today?

21st Dec 2012

I'd heard rumours that the world was supposed to end today.  With the conditons we experienced at Les Grands Montets today we were wondering if that was the case; maybe we had died and gone to heaven.

This week was the first Ski Performance for Mountaineers course of the season and the conditions were excellent for this time of year.  Today seemed like a bonus.  We hadn't expected it to be so quiet or for there to be as much fresh snow.  It's not often at Les Grands Montets that you can get fresh tracks run after run, but that was the case today.  I imagine many locals working in tourist industry were preparing for the arrival of the holiday makers tomorrow.  This morning's group had wanted to practice turns for steeper icy terrain but we quickly changed the plan and skied run after run of powder!  The smiles say it all ...

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